About Max Moore

Max Moore is an international leading beauty care brand and offers men and women around the world beauty products, redefining elegance and luxury.

The realization and the expression of individual personalities is what gives meaning and value to products by Max Moore.

The modern design of Max Moore is inspired by the aspirations for beauty and elegance by the modern woman of today. To reflect the details of the present with a vast input of the spirit of the age as well as tradition is what makes up Max Moore’s goal.

Max Moore’s creations bring out the natural beauty and charisma of a woman for more natural charm. The products offered by Max Moore are the answer to the aspirations and needs of the modern woman of our time.

Max Moore’s background being in fashion, the label aims at more than just the simple fulfilment of wishes in the design. Elements of the artistic history and development of the label and the intuition for traditional and qualitative values are perpetuated. On the solid basis of many years of experience, contemporary facets are incorporated, and eventually new ideas implemented with elegant and sovereign concepts. High quality has always been a top priority with Max Moore, and it continues to represent an integral part in the development of new products.

The elegant woman of today, embodying romantic and sensual aspects of femininity, is able to identify with the product line by Max Moore, which emphasizes on natural beauty. Luxury, charm and irresistible glamour distinguish her.

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